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July 21, 2019 PPC Weekly Bulletin

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Bible Verse 41.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9)


Bulletin Board



Sending Off

Amazon Vision Trip A Team for July 27 (Sat) – Aug. 3 (Sat)



Offering – next Sunday, every last Sunday of the month


Feast of Words

Special Meeting

· Time and Date: 8 pm, 8/15 (Thu) – 16 (Fri) & 6:40 am on 8/17 (Sat)

· Speaker: YoungSoo LIM (Co-Founder of Moses Gol, former Senior Reverend of YoungRak Church)



Elder Session Meeting – 8 pm on July 24 (Thu)


Youth Orchestra

Praise Youth String Orchestra Wanted

· Age: 6th- 12th Graders

· Application: Today – 7/28, after Big Rain Service at iHOPE Info Desk

· Inquiry: MyoWook JANG (732) 996-2689; EunJung CHOI (609) 619-1500; SunHwa YOON (201) 230-6767


Youth Church

Youth Summer Retreat on 8/26 (Mon) – 29 (Thu)

· Registration: from 7/14 (Sun) at iHOPE Info desk

· Inquiry: Rev. JongDae LEE John.jdlee@gmail.com 732-425-0504



Collecting used smart phones

· From today till August 17 (Sat) at iHOPE INFO desk

· Required to remove lock code


Hapsim Prayer

Every Tuesday at 8 pm in Main Hall, All are welcomed.


SRB* for Cleaning

Today: GyuSang LEE/SungEun KIM(V), DongHoon LEE/HyunJoo LEE(i)

Next Sunday: DeukYoung LEE/SookJung OH(V), MyungJae LEE/YuHye KIM(i)


SRB*for Parking

For Big Rain Worship

Today: ByeongSeob KI/MyoWook JANG

Next: KyungJin KIM/JungSoon PARK

For Late Rain Worship

Today: KyungHo JUNG/JiYun JUNG

Next: MyungKi JUNG/JungHee LEE


Congregation News



HoonIl KIM/BooJa KIM, Edison, 201-232-6496;

SeokYoung YOON/SunNa (Gabin 8th gr), Princeton, 609-480-1012

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  • [세례] Sophia Lee (이기원/이경숙 자녀) Alvin Yeo (여정현/여소향 자녀) John Lee (이도일/김은주 자녀) [입교] Jaehee Nam (남대섭/김지혜 자녀)
  • 말씀암송 50 그런즉 너희는 먼저 그의 나라와 그의 의를 구하라. 그리하면 이 모든 것을 너희에게 더하시리라. (마태복음 6:33) ---------------- 교회소식 선교헌금 선교헌금 주일: 다음 주일 (매월 마지막 주일) 사랑방 추수감사절 과일바구니 ■ 이번 주 토요일 (23일) 오후 12시까지 ■ 추수감사절예배 후 타운십 Food Bank에 전달 Canned Food Drive 추수감사절 Food Bank 전달을 위한 Canned Food 도네이션 ■ 마감: 다음 주일 (24일) 오후 1시, 안내데스크 (지역사회부) 일터지원 2020년 일터 지원: 오늘까지 일터보고서 2019 일터보고서 제출 ■ 기간: 오늘까지 ■ 보고서 양식: 홈페이지/ 나눔과 정보/ 문서양식 ■ 대상: 각 위원회 위원장, 각 일터 부장 ■ 제출처: office.ppc@gmail.com 추수감사절예배 다음 주일 (24일) 연합예배: 큰비/Youth 찬양한국문화학교 11월 10일 바자 정산: $7,122.45 Praise Kids Choir 첫 리허설: 오늘 늦은비예배 후, iHOPE Theater 큐티부 2020년 ‘생명의 삶’ 정기구독 신청 ■ 기간: 오늘까지, 아이홉 1층 안내데스크 ■ 영문 (Living Life English) 신청가능 ■ 어린이청소년교회: 각 부서별 신청 성탄연합찬양대 성탄예배 연합 찬양대 모집 (12월 22일 이른비/큰비 연주) ■ 신청/문의: 비전하우스 게시판, 이명칠 908-477-0650 ■ 첫 연습: 이번 주 토요일 (23일) 오후 7시 친교다과 2020년 주일 친교 섬기시는 분들 업데이트: 비전하우스 게시판 청소 오늘: PEM (V), 강총명/손서연 (i) 사랑방 다음 주일: 김경진/박정순 (V), 곽재혁/전미파 (i) 사랑방 주차안내 오늘: 이규상/김성은 (큰비), 박철준/김경아2 (늦은비) 사랑방 다음 주일: 이동훈/이현주 (큰비), 서봉수/서은영 (늦은비) 사랑방 교우 동정 등록 박금분, Princeton 소천 이혜정 (이중빈) 자매 부친상, 11월 9일, 한국 차민 (이소영) 형제 부친상, 11월 12일, 뉴저지
  • Bible Verse 49 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” (John 11:25-26) --------------------- Bulletin Board Feast of Words of God Speaker: Rev. ShinJong BAIK (Maryland Bethel Church) Schedule: 11/15 (Fri) 8 pm, 11/16 (Sat) Dawn 6:40 am; and 11/17 (Sun) Baptized Infants: MinSol KIM (TaeNyeon KIM/YoungEun LEE), LeeHa KIM (SungJong KIM/SiNae KANG), HaYun PARK (BeomSeop PARK/ChaeKyung JEON) Food Bazaar Fundraising for Praise Korean Culture school: TODAY 9 am – 1:30 pm Ilteo Apply for 2019 Working Committee, Ilteo till 11/17 (Sun) Sacrament Communion TODAY, Baptism at Late Rain Service Food Drive Canned Food Drive for Thanksgiving Food Bank till 11/24, 1 pm, at INFO desk QT Apply for 2020 subscription for “Enriched life” · Date/Place: from Today till 11/17 (Sun) at iHOPE 1st Fl Desk · English version (Living Life English) is also available · Children’s and Youth Church applies in each church Report 2019 Working Committee Report due · Form can be found on church website · Due by Nov. 17 (Sun) from each leader · Send to office.ppc@gmail.com Choir Seasonal Choir for Christmas Concert on 12/22, Early and Big Fain Services · Sign-up on Vision House Bulletin Board · Inquiry – MyungChil LEE 908-477-0650 · First Practice: 11/23 (Sat) 7 pm Israel Study Trip 2020/3/9 – 19 (Cost $3,000) · Inquiry: INFO desk · If our church has less than 25, the date can change to join other group. Fellowship Refreshments for 2020 – Signup sheets on the bulletin board of Vision House. Prayer Mtg Every Tuesday, 8 pm, in the Main Hall. Anyone wanting to pray are welcomed. SRB* for Cleaning Today : ByeongSeob KI/MyoWook JANG(V), Steven LEE/MiAh LEE(i) Next Sunday : PEM(V), ChongMyung KANG/SeoYeon SON(i) SRB*for Parking For Big Rain Worship Today: TaekYeol YOO/JungAe YOO Next: KyuSang LEE/SungEun KIM For Late Rain Worship Today: JungSik PARK/YoungSun PARK Next: CheolJoon PARK/KyungAh KIM2 Congregation News New JiHoon LEE, HyunWook LEE, YunHa JUNG, SungJin HONG (Green Rain) Birth MinHa HAN/YuYeon KIM, Son Zion Daniel on 11/3
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